Welcome, I'm not entirely sure what this site will become at the moment beyond a place to park my domain and host my resume. I've got a ton of pent up ideas, a bucket full of goodies like a Cyclone IV FPGA, some XBee Modules, a RaspberryPi, and more Arduino components than I care to admit. My hope is that I'll be able to contribute some information for the numerous other folks that have helped me in my own tinkering escapades as well as building a bit of an online presence outside of the usual Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn constructs that have made many of us too lazy to do something more involved. 

In the coming weeks, I'll start posting to my Blog to share some stuff. I do also plan to get Redmine up and running for my opensource projects as well as to support a private enterprise I'm hoping to open very soon. Special thanks to the wife for her graphics contribution tentative logo